Monday, March 2, 2009 review of Sequitur this math rock...or a revival of the sound of progressive rock bands from the 1970s...? Actually and in fact, the guys in Fractal have a sound that combines ideas from both camps. Sequitur is the second full-length release from this San Jose, California-based quartet. There's a lot to digest here as the band presents no less than 16 complex intricate compositions. And in the true tradition of 1970s progressive bands, they aren't afraid to present tracks that are lengthy and involved ("Aftermath" clocks in at nine minutes and fourteen seconds). The band consists of Josh Friedman, Jim Mallonee, Nic Roozeboom, and Paul Strong. It was obviously a labor of love for these guys creating these complex tracks. The songs have a nice flowing quality and feature some impressive instrumental passages. Our favorite cuts include "Aftermath," "Mantra: Eternal Spring of Life," "Mauves," and "Bellerophon." (Rating: 4+++++)

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